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Geri has been running pet dog training groups for 35 years with an emphasis on socialisation with both people and other dogs. Puppies can start at 12 weeks; as soon as they have finished their vaccinations. Older beginner dogs are never too old to start training.


Follow on groups train for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Champion dog Awards whilst having fun with a variety of dog activities including obedience, fun agility, gun dog and scent work. Training is outside in a secure field in dry weather and inside in a barn when wet.

Pet Dog Training
Puppy Classes

You can have a puppy 1:1 session or home visit when you first bring your puppy home. This helps to settle your puppy in and get started on house training and sleeping from day one. 

Training classes include:

  • Sit, down, stand.

  • Watch and come.

  • Fetch.

  • Meeting and greeting people and other dogs

  • Basic handling.

  • Lead walking.

"Every session starts with some socialisation off lead and practice recalls."

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