Veterinary Referrals

     Veterinary Surgeons Only

We are now able to accept referrals by email - please just send us an email including:

  • Clients name and contact details.

  • Your diagnosis.

  • Any contraindications or precautions we need to be aware of.

  • If the dog has shown signs of aggression with you. (We can still treat but need to know).

  • Attach a copy of the patient's medical history. We are happy to receive all of it and read through for the information relevant for hydrotherapy or laser therapy.

  • Attach copies of x-rays if relevant. 

  • Include 'the patient is in a suitable state of health to undergo treatment'.

Owner Referrals

Your vet has to confirm that your dog is well enough to swim by completing a form. We can arrange this for you - you just need to either email us with your details or download the form and send that to us.


We will contact your vet and then contact you when we have the form and so can book you an initial assessment and induction appointment.


It is the law that only a veterinary surgeon can diagnose an animal's condition and prescribe treatment. This means that every dog has to have a veterinary referral before he/she can swim in the hydrotherapy pool.

Your dog does not have to be ill or injured to swim but your vet has to say he/she is well enough to swim. There is usually no charge for your vet to sign the form.