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Veterinary Referrals
     Veterinary Surgeons Only

Quality Standards

CPD Sessions

We are now able to accept referrals by email

        - please just send us an email including:

  • Clients name and contact details.

  • Your diagnosis.

  • Any contraindications or precautions we need to be aware of.

  • If the dog has shown signs of aggression with you. (We can still treat but need to know).

  • Attach a copy of the patient's medical history. We are happy to receive all of it and read through for the information relevant for hydrotherapy or laser therapy.

  • Attach copies of x-rays if relevant. 

  • Include 'the patient is in a suitable state of health to undergo treatment'.

Thank you for considering us for the referral of your patient.  We are members of both the Canine Hydrotherapy Association and the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists; so you can be confident that we have the highest standards of qualifications, experience and up hold professional quality standards in treating patients and clients. Geri is a Director of the CHA leading the association to set the Gold Standard in the hydrotherapy industry. ​ We need veterinary approval via a referral before we can treat dogs. This is to ensure that we know the dog has no medical issues which would affect us swimming them safely.  Clients may contact us directly to discuss hydrotherapy for their dog, in each case we will let them know that their dog cannot be seen until we have a vet referral. ​ This applies to 'fun and fitness’ and behaviour or weight loss swims too. ​ Providing us with a clinical history will help us to understand the patient and it’s owner and helps us to plan treatment which is individually tailored to meet their needs. We will always refer back to you if we have any additional concerns and provide feedback on progress as required. ​

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