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Paddocks Farm Training

We created our own hydrotherapy centre from a space in our barn and Geri having taught in Secondary Schools for 30 years as an Advanced Skills teacher, naturally has become a hydrotherapy trainer.


We are excited to offer high quality training  opportunities in the hydrotherapy industry. If you want to learn with 1:1 or very small group teaching and be supported from start through to be a registered hydrotherapist this is the course for you.

You can  take individual units or the full certificate and whilst you will do study at home you will also have 12 days = 72 hours of practical training. Learn with experience of being in a working centre and we also have a range of our dogs which you can practice with. 

We also support people who come to us, partway through a course started elsewhere.

Choose us because:

  • The course is taught with practical blended with theory.

  • You can choose your own pace - some people want to take a year to qualify some less. The average is eight months and the fastest is two months of teaching/learning and two months for the Exam Board processes of moderation.

  • There is no extra charge for a faster course.

  • We have on site accommodation so that you can stay over and visit more often if that suits you.

  • You can start when you want to.

We offer:

  • Level 3 Canine Hydrotherapy Certificate

  • Level 2 Canine Hydrotherapy Assistant 

  • Introduction to Hydrotherapy Course

  • Canine First Aid Level 3

  • Animal Care Courses at Level 1 & 2

  • Webinars and short CPD Courses


Large pool, UWTM  and Gait Analysis Area

Level 3 SEG Group ABC Awards

This demanding blended course offers the exciting opportunity to learn skills and knowledge to become a registered Canine Hydrotherapist with a substantial practical component. You will already have experience of working with canines or other small animals in a voluntary or employed capacity. We integrate practical training days, home study and work placement days leading to the qualification. Suitable for learners who are 19+. It is recognised by the National Industry Associations: Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA),  Institute of Registered Veterinary and Animal Physiotherapists (IRVAP) and the National Association of Registered Hydrotherapists (NARCH). We aim to support you through to becoming a confident qualified and registered hydrotherapist.

"It was great learning in a working centre so that I knew what to expect."

Level 3 Certificate Canine Hydrotherapy
Course Units.jpg
There are 10 units 9 compulsory and one optional.
Together they form a total of 330 guided learning hours.
On average people take 8 months to complete but you can take up to 
2 years or as short as 2 months.
The course finishes with a work placement where you gain confidence to practice and help with job applications for those seeking a post.

You need to:

  • Have Level 2 qualifications in English and Mathematics. (Or equivalent flexible for mature learners)

  • Good computer skills (word, photos, internet and email).

  • Have substantial practical experience with animals.

  • Have confidence to interact with people in a professional manner.

  • Be ready to study at Level 3.

  • Be self motivated and dedicated to complete practical and theory units.

  • Be prepared to safely work in hydrotherapy.

  • Happy to work in water.

First Aid
casper resuscitate dog.jpg

First Aid Renewal of Qualification
These courses are run alongside the certificate course - please ring to request dates.
Online Course Available with Human First Aid Section 
- 4 Hours CPD - Submit booklet and Bandaging Video
- Quick turnaround on Certificates.


Level 3 Course 
starts 20th/21st Oct


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